NPC Logic Altered...

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NPC Logic Altered...

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Hey there Exiles,

Time for a small post about some of the NPC's in CE (Around 150+ now). This post relates to those that have 'random' selections for their mission requirements. Many NPC's have a set list of items for each mission, but some have what I'd call a randomised loot list.

The later have now had their loot lists updated. Prior to today it was limited to 255 items, but these came from MANY varied walks of life and professions and some were a little weird, IE a Mall, or an exotic left leg Implant, or an Advanced Factory. So today they all get scrapped, and a new list was created, It's got just over 700 items in it and is the smaller more sensible Misc type loots that are collected in loot scenarios and can also be found on NPC Sales items. (Those are open when you complete an NPC's mission list, so you can expand that list over time.)

Sadly, if you already HAVE a mission asking for a backpack full of weirdness I can do nothing for you, simply cancel the mission and go back and see them for new more 'sane' loot options...


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