Change To RAIDS

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Change To RAIDS

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Well, not so much a change (have to be careful using that term round here) more of an upgrade...

When I LAST made a major change to how RAID's worked allowing pretty much anyone to play with RAID's even a low level captain, changing the way threat was generated and dealt with and also adding in the way rewards of XP and credits were worked, I added a row of icons on the bottom footer of RAID combat.

I had some ideas for these and then promptly got distracted by the SHINY... lol

Well, in the last updates for Trade Commodities, these icons were activated. (all bar an additional one I've added for later).

We have :

1: Armour Repair
2: Hull Repair
3: Locate Salvage (goes to SS)
4: Locate Escape Pods (goes to SS)
5: Locate TC Loot (goes to Ships Cargo)

Action Points for RAIDS has been increased to FIVE instead of the normal THREE in normal combat. That's because using ANY of the Icon options will cost you an Action Point, so bear this is mind. Of course, this is reset every time you re-enter into combat with the RAID.

The first two iocn options can be used at any time and will affect an immediate repair to the selected option (Armour, Hull) They will use the best option in your Ship's Engineering bay. They use a specialised (New) RAID repair EBK. They are player crafted, and the schematics can be located at Coopers Schematic Supply.

RAID Armour Repair
RAID Hull Repair

Don't forget when crafting these they make packs of 10. When using them inside RAID combat, the best available item will be used and are taken directly from your ship's Engineering bay.

Options 3,4 and 5 require the RAID to be down to its Hull. that means all shields and Armour must be gone for the options to work.

Locate Salvage, this one has access to a wide range of Salvage, debris and other CE Misc items. Over 400 if I recall. So you can find anything from High Tech items to simple ROLF's. Each use rolls a chance to locate such items until they are picked from the dying RAIDS frame.

Locate Escape Pods, once down to their Hull you can expect the slimy rat pirates to start abandoning ship. So at that's stage, why not try to snag a few. They will be moved directly to the Secure Store for safe keeping. These are Pirate Crew Escape Pods You can read about them in their Bio. They are NOT tradable and will be required for specific missions chains and also will shortly be able to be handed in for Rapport XP and a reward. (that's being coded). For now, try to collect them when you can. Again they will appear until all the escape pods have been jettisoned or collected or the RAID dies, which ever is first :)

Locate TC Loot, again each RAID has a set amount of Trade Commodities that can be gleaned from the Frame as it breaks up, but not until the RAID is down to its Hull. Unlike ship Combat, Raids have TC's that come from a wider area. So they will offer up TC's from local systems around the RAID and not JUST the RAID system itself. Again they will appear until all the TC's have been collected or the RAID dies, which ever is first :)

There is an extra icon that's been added on the end, but that's been reserved for later. :)

When the RAID is DEAD....

You can now locate TC's in RAID Salvage. This is quite important as again the TC's will be from a wider system spread than JUST the local system. No extra tools just the normal RAID salvage weapon and fuel to keep it firing....

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