OLD CS Meet the New CS

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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OLD CS Meet the New CS

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I've been quiet for about a week. That's due to I had been working on a totally new interface for the CS. Sadly, during extensive testing it became apparent that whilst for most of us the new CS screen was a winner and a great tool, it would not work for everyone.

When developing a game like this, a browser game that caters for players from young to the very old, it also means that players will have a true mixture of hardware. Old laptops, old PC boxes, Ipad and Tablets etc. not all cutting edge or last year's model. Whilst the new interface worked really well on modern tech, it suffered a lot when the CS was loaded to the max and became a problem.

So I took the decision to use what I'd learned from the experience as some of the 'behind the scenes' magic (hey, it's all voodoo to me) and apply it to the way the current CS works.

So for most of you, you might not see a major change, but for the avid eagle eyes out there, you will spot the speed increase (when loaded up) and also that I've done some bits to speed up the display element and added a few bits.

I've added tabs on every page and also the search is on every page...

Q: Why fix something that wasn't broken, Coops

A: Well in truth it was a problem waiting to happen, and whilst the changes are better and in a coding respect work smoother and faster It's still not perfect. For that, we need to switch to Server Side requests, but I'm looking into that.

From your perspective, the update was needed due to the addition of a 'New Resource' type coming soon. This one Dwarfs even the current total CS stock, so a change was needed to allow the CS to function and not grind to a halt when these new resources started to appear.

For now, until the new Resources appear, enjoy the slightly faster and more streamlined CS. Like the old CS, but improved.

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