C.E.S Bertha ORSA Extractor - Expanse

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C.E.S Bertha ORSA Extractor - Expanse

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The Bertha Extractor has been around a while now, you can buy it in the CE Store, get one as a reward for spending over a certain amount in support AND Trade normal CES Extractors for them, so widely available and widely used.

Marhsan asked, can we not get them for the Expanse Coops ?

Sure, why not, so I did some Kung fu code on the Extractor systems and created a C.E.S Bertha ORSA Extractor - Expanse So now you can grab the Expanse versions as well. These bad puppies will ALSO work outside the expanse! Tastey :)

For those who have been using the Patreon System to show your support, I have also added them to the VIP Store (last item in the list).

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