Coops Halloween Collection

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Coops Halloween Collection

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Halloween Pumpkin Collection 2022

Using the new method (from within the Private Message Pages) you can now check and automatically hand in a Full set of 14 Pumpkins. You will need to have ONE of each distinct 14 pumpkins onboard your ship for this to work.

The code will check if you have all 14, take them and award you the reward (as per below).

Pumpkins are handed out via the Play to Win ticker that runs every few hours. This looks at how much you have played since the last ticker and awards a set based on that.


2 X Exile Resource Tokens
20K Fuel Ticket
500 Barter Points
500 Festive Points

Happy Hunting, Swapping, Trading!

I will continue this one up till the 5th November (Midnight)...
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