Thank You Coops

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Thank You Coops

Post by AnjeSpolmit » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:33 pm

An open letter to Coops (forum)

Dear Sir,

I have just found out today that I have been selected as the winner in the January Supporter Draw. I wish to say thank you so much!

I have played Core Exile in a casual way for many years. Every Christmas I would see you advertise your wares in the shop and every year I would promise myself that I would buy a Rudolf or something else as a small thank you for all of your hard work. To my shame I never actually managed to get around to it until this year.

Your work provides enjoyment for many players from all around the world. I hope that like myself, if a person is able to, they should look around the shop and see if they can purchase even just a small item as part of their appreciation for all the coding that you do on our behalf. In all of my play-time, you have never pressured me or anyone to buy- simply remind me of the fact that there is a shop!

Once I made the decision to buy, I was unable to complete the purchase (still unsure why), but you contacted me and helped me step-by-step to success. You obviously care about us, the players and it is because of this that you have created a game with a loyal player-base.

I wish you much success this year and forwards. I hope that I am able to make a further 'contribution' to the game this year and would urge others to do the same- after all they may just win a Life Time Premium Account.

Good luck everyone and thank you Coops!

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