Mech Zones - After War Clear up

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Mech Zones - After War Clear up

Post by Coops » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:18 am

I had a lot of fun over the Christmas Week fielding my Army of Mechs. But I now find myself in a position where I still have a lot of them left. Most of them are 'Point Mechs' and as such, I feel it sad to leave them there in the Hanger getting dusty and rusty till next year.

So I have set one of my Bob A.I's the task of deploying these mechs and recovering them when they can be for your personal 'Mech Delight'. He's under strict instructions to NOT cheat and to follow the human rules :) Although I have allowed him to exceed the Mech Limit rules if he is outnumbered :)

So Bob will run through my remaining MEchs in ALL THREE zones. Feel free to try your hand at any time :) As the relaxed new MEch Entry rules are now a permanent thing it's much easier to get into Bravo and many of our older players will be able to enter Charlie.

PLEASE NOTE: Bob WILL be deploying some of my mechs with Festive names, but there are NOT any prizes attached! These are just for Mech Mayhem fun for any captain that wants to take part in the MEch zones but has no one to Fight with.


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