A Troubling Trend - Please Read.

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A Troubling Trend - Please Read.

Post by Coops » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:52 am

Hi, there Fellow Exiles. This PM is being sent to ALL players as a reminder as it appears a few have been breaking one of our Terms and Conditions. These terms are agreed to by Every Player when they sign up for an account and it relates directly to 'Account Sharing / Ownership'.

The Terms & Conditions clearly state (in part) »Core-Exiles does not recognize the transfer of CE Accounts. You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account.

What this means is that you may not sell or simply give someone access to your account. It's yours and yours alone. If you decided to leave CE we are indeed sad to see you go, but you cannot simply give that account or login details to another player.

In the last month over the festive period, it has become obvious to me that there are a number of players 'playing' other peoples accounts. This is not only against the Terms and Conditions it's unfair on the rest of the community that works so hard to level up their captains and alt accounts.

The above is not related to 'Your own Alts'. Primary accounts and secondary alts YOU created and play are not in question here. Simply those where a player has gifted or sold you an existing account.

I'm nothing if not fair, so I will offer up a 10 day period for those currently playing accounts they did not themselves create to come forward or simply terminate them.

This does NOT mean 'Offloading all the items from said accounts' THEN terminating them. If I see this all accounts used by that player will be locked. If you're playing an account you did not personally create its simply not your account.

As I said at the opening of this PM, this is being sent to everyone. Having said that, it is only aimed at those who the content concerns. It is my hope that the very large majority of you will see this as a positive move on my part. I strive very hard to keep a 'fair playing ground' and this is one such move to try and ensure that balance is kept.

Should this PM reach you, and you are indeed playing an other players account. Please Stop doing so. Let me know and we can close the account. There will be no repercussions or sanctions as long as this warning is heeded. After the 10 days is up I will start actively monitoring those accounts we have already flagged and if they continue to trade I will lock them.

Best Wishes


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