Extractor Change - Please Read

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Extractor Change - Please Read

Post by Coops » Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:53 am

Extractor Change - Please Read

Up till this point we have dealt with Extractors in a simple and yet it seems, somewhat uncompromising way. Normally when they are Full (the hopper is full) or the Resource Spawn expires we remove the Extractor and place it in the local collection Point.

Well as of today that has all changed!

I have decided to relent on making you traipse all over the Universe to collect your 'forgotten' extractors before they expire in the Collection point and vanish forever! From now on, when a Resource Spawn expires or the Extractor Hopper becomes full - the Extractor will be pulled and sent DIRECTLY back to your ship.

You still lose any resources collected, but you get the extractor back and a standard PM informing you of the return of the item.

Over the last few months, I've dealt with numerous 'Where did my extractor go Coops' queries, each taking time to look into and time to explain where 99% of the time players have simply been away when the items were placed in collection and wiped before they could get to them.

We already extended the Collection Point to a full 30 days so this is about as 'Nice' as I can get without collecting them personally for you LOL.

So as of THIS POST, any Extractors removed for one reason or another will be returned directly to your ships store.

PLEASE NOTE: There are close to 130 Extractors sat in the collection Point at this point in time. All awaiting Captains to go and collect them. THESE will NOT be affected by this change as they have already been processed and placed in the collection Point.


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