Analysis of Corporate Offices

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Analysis of Corporate Offices

Post by 5hortpants » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:04 pm

I recently got my Corporation up to level 8, so I've had some fun trying out the various corporate offices. I thought I would share my initial analysis of the various offices, both for level 8 offices as well as starter offices.

In the chart below, each office is ranked by how many credits are earned per drop of fuel, as well as the return in XP. These numbers are from pilots around level 23 to 25 in upgraded ships with the best tools I have available. Your individual mileage may vary:

*Customer *Creds per Drop *XP per Drop *Corp XP per Drop *Profession
Rigal *1249 *130 *39 Haulage
Catlow *787 *83 *25 Haulage
Zeus *620 *63 *19 Salvage
Newsys *593 *60 *18 Derelict Exploration
Markham *370 *40 *12 Salvage
Tanaka *277 *29 *9 Mining
Prinet *243 *35 *10 Combat
Dyntek *231 *32 *10 Combat
WCA *189 *19 *6 Passengers
GSR *170 *18 *5 Mining

A few additional considerations: The length of contracts varies by office. The haulage contracts are very short, usually less than an hour. The Mining and passenger contracts can be very long, even a day or more. Also, the Newsys office numbers are without the exploration kits (I haven't taken the time to manufacture them. Not sure if they would bump up the return in any way.)

One final note: Not sure if its a bug or a feature, but I happened to have two entry level Markham offices, so I equipped them both to see what would happen. Turns out, two Markaham offices gives access to both Markaham AND Zeus! I'm not sure if the same would work with Catlow/Rigal, GSR/Tanaka, or Dyntek/Prinet, but if anyone wants to borrow one of my offices to try it out I would be interested to find out.

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