Gunney Missions

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Gunney Missions

Post by Kormic » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:18 am

Hi. I can't get Gunney to give me mission ip/xp/creds. She says to look in my log after making a drone kill but nothing shows up and I don't know where exactly to go from here.

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Re: Gunney Missions

Post by Entropi » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:07 pm

If I remember correctly, you look in your NPC Mission tab (Top Left) - when you have successfully killed the drone, it will show kills changed from 0/1 to 1/1. You then know you have completed the mission.

You have to make the kill at Combat Range in Farpoint1 system or it does not count. Hope that helps :)

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Re: Gunney Missions

Post by MarcSp » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:07 am

Make sure you shoot the correct type of drone, as well as doing it in the correct location.

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