First Competition - Post & Win

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First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Coops »

This is our first new competition for the shiny new forums and it's more to get you guys and ladies posting that a real competition. But we do like to Give things away round here, so - To prove you made it over and claim your Prize post the Following :

#1 Your Captain Name
#2 Your (current) Ships Name
#3 Your Favourite CE Activity

Reward / Prize
1 X 1 Month PA
1 X 5K fuel ticket

If that's not enough enticement to create an account and post I don't know what is :)

#1 Only One POST / Entry per captain

Competition will remain open till the end of July (2014).
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Shinter »

1. Captain Shinter
2. Vypr, a nice PM Multi-Role Ship
3. Hmm, this changes all the time, even from day to day. Back when I started, this was mining. For a long while it's been derelict exploration, which I still enjoy immensely and do several times a day. Right now, I'm working my way into an Expanse lifestyle, training certs and investing in Alien skills, so I would say that right now my favorite activity is probably Alien combat/salvage, as I work on a number of projects that require some of the rarer resources. But really, there are so many things I enjoy it's hard to pick just one :P
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Hunbaba »

1. Captain Hunbaba
2. HullStressSpecialist
3. My speciality is combat as probably most already know :). But in general it is to chop, mash, twist, turn and so on most of games features to see what can be squeezed out of them in a manner intended or not.
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Alexx »

1. Captain Alexx
2. Pegasus a Multi-Role PM ship
3. My favorite activity and always has been is Crafting but recently i have done that much alien salvaging that i am getting to like doing it a lot LOL
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Cashew »

Captain Cashew
I am flying a Liberator called Pistachio
Currently I do mostly mining and hauling while trying to gather the resources and credits needed to get a new ship, Probably a Ventris, built. I also want to get into the expanse eventually so I will be taking on the mission chains needed for that soon.
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by siddharth »

Captain name : Sidddharth
Ship name : Destiny
Fav Activity : crafting
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Korth »

1. Capt Korth
2. Running Start
3. Currently exploring the planet Horizon
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Akkamaddi »

Captain name is Akkamaddi.
I am flying a Wanderer class cargo-hauler named "Frustrated Mongoose", inspired by Siddharth.
I smash asteroids for fun, though I try to explore at least one derelict a day.
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by zoolii »

Captain zoolii
FelFold liberator
Currently exploring,next when I reach lvl 60, combat on new ship .
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Cyron »

#1 Captain Cyron
#2 Dark Angel - a Wanderer for hauling & mining activities :)
#3 derelicts and upgrading :)