Genesis Commercial Builds - A question

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Genesis Commercial Builds - A question

Post by mropso »


Looking at the Mega Malls with the Genesis area, they each take 150000 Research points to unlock.

Of the 170 (or 153 - I cannot remember if they start at 0 or 1) research opportunities available in Genesis I have completed 115 and have amassed a total of 451000 research points enough for 3 different Mega Malls.

Assuming that future commercial Plans will also require Research Points to unlock can you give an idea of the maximum number of research points it is possible to get - just to help with some forward planning.

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Re: Genesis Commercial Builds - A question

Post by pikolinianita »

I bet Coops will introduce something like "Future Tech" in old Civilization - Tech you can research after you finish research tree.

on the other hand, there are plans in land tech category, which equire research too.
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Re: Genesis Commercial Builds - A question

Post by Coops »

I cant be specific, but there are a lot more research topics to be added and also a lot more research points will be added to these as we go. So whilst they seem expensive the plan was to just dissuade players from grabbing them all in one go. Being a little more 'planned' as you put it :)

Genesis is only in the 'beginning' of 'deeps space' we have a long way to go with the genesis plots, well at least from what's on my white board. I'd put a snap on the forums fo the board but it might make a few players heads explode! :)

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Re: Genesis Commercial Builds - A question

Post by aRJay »

Good to here that there will be more research opportunities.

By my reckoning all the plans revealed to date requiring research to unlock need just over 3,000,000 points in total.
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