Challenge 20 RAID Parties

Information on Core-Exiles RAID system. Allows for Joint player activities to attack large Pirate vessels
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Challenge 20 RAID Parties

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I have been passed this info from Korth for any one wishing to take part in the RAID parties that normally take part during a Coops Challenge. RAID's are tough hombres and require at least a team of 3-5 players to take one down. The more to the combat session, the better.

You can take part in Killing RAID's at pretty much ANY level, the RAID will attack you based on the amount of threat you present when attacking. So if you're a level 15 player with a smallish pop gun and small shields low armour you can expect lower level damage to be dished out than if you're a level 100 player with a large brutal cannon and shields up the Yazoo :)

Here is a Guide on how to deal with RAIDS : RAIDS Phase One

Below I will post the first initial RAID plan to be hosted by Korth. He normally plans a RAID route in advance and leads anyone interested in fighting these mini monsters during Challenges. Remember, RAID Salvage can only be completed if the Raiders kill enough RAIDS :)

Also, if you're new to combat you may want to consider one of these Combat Nano Repair Unit A real game changer when it comes to repairing in the field and getting back into the actions.

So here's the Planned route for the First RAID Session - From Korth
RAID Plan Friday the 22nd @ 18:30 (Game Time)
Default NEI to RAID. No Jump Fuel shown as there are different NEI.

**RAID 1. Drakos Sphere: Route - Fieron -> Drakos**
Fuel Required for this Route: 3

**RAID 2. Lorat Sphere: Route - Drakos -> Lorat**
Fuel Required for this Route: 5

**RAID 3. Kelsely Sphere: Route - Lorat -> Kelsey (Fuel Depot)**
Fuel Required for this Route: 7

**RAID 4. Dranor The Forge: Route - NEI ->Zarante (Fuel Depot) -> Dranor. Fuel Required for this Route: 9 OR Kelsey (Fuel Depot) -> Ethan -> Kell Expanse -> Undadarnya -> Tig -> Palolon -> Arclight -> Zarante (Fuel Depot) -> Dranor**
Fuel Required for this Route: 391

**RAID 5. Torbray Verec-pec: Route - NEI-> Tornsul -> Warloro -> Kinbnal -> Beud -> Chethera -> Taieme -> Voren -> Elmquae -> Torbray
Fuel Required for this Route: 112 OR Dranor -> Zarante -> Torc -> Hammer -> Belus -> Braran -> Thraeg -> Hathom -> Mostony (Fuel Depot) -> Kalerd -> Angusti -> Vosay -> Warloro -> Kinbnal -> Beud -> Chethera -> Taieme -> Voren (Fuel Depot) -> Elmquae -> Torbray**
Fuel Required for this Route: 292

**RAID 6. Nasqueron Furnace: Route - NEI Dashan -> Keng -> Tetra -> Deepstar -> Solaris -> Prime -> Nasqueron**
Fuel Required for this Route: 73

**RAID 7. Eddeo Furnace: Route - Nasqueron -> Hyperion -> Terminus -> Overtoli -> Quartus -> Eddeo**
Fuel Required for this Route: 57

**RAID 8. Purra Furnace: Route - Eddeo -> Gukovo -> Gatchina -> Kashira -> Risa -> Hellicon -> Purra**

**RAID 9. Apep Furnace: NOTE Could NEI to SB Prime. Route - Purra -> Mesklin -> Prime -> Solaris -> Deepstar -> Tetra (Fuel Depot) -> Keng -> Dashan -> Conac -> Metri -> Feron -> Voltanis -> Xorrak -> Apep (Fuel Depot**
Fuel Required for this Route: 147

**RAID 10. Ashima Furnace: Route - Apep (Fuel Depot) -> Luthien -> Burislav -> Ashima**
Fuel Required for this Route: 33
You can join in at any time or part of the killing journey. Normally the guys that take part hang out and discuss in the RAID channel in discord, but thats only to make thing easier, so feel free to drop in and say hi or simply join in on the pirate RAID bashing.

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