settlement to Official Receiver : Malls

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settlement to Official Receiver : Malls

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Hello, I had 2 malls in a settlement that went in official receivership. They worked normally until empty and I still see them in my "Malls list" of the View assets menu but I don't have access to them when I land in the settlement so I can't resettle them or refill them. Will i get them back when the settlement finally closes? Thanks!
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Re: settlement to Official Receiver : Malls

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There are varying stages of a Settlement Wrap up, the final stage being the handing of the Settlement over to the Official Receiver. Generally, once you spot a settlement's moral dropping (shown on the main l;anding page of the settlement) it's a good time to pull anchor and look for a new location.

You're stuck in-between the offices have been closed and the O.R selling up the stocks. You should get back the mall's yes When the settlement is wrapped up and sold off. I can't remember off the top of my head, but you will either get them dropped directly back to you or placed in a Collection Point ON the planet the settlement was on.

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