WTB: Captain upgrades, 40 mil/pound

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WTB: Captain upgrades, 40 mil/pound

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October is not slacking either. This month buy one get one free offer for all Captain related upgrades 😱 .

Forum post: viewtopic.php?t=4173
CE store link: https://shop.core-exiles.com/Captain-Upgrades_c_42.html

If you are looking for quick credits at an astounding exchange rate of 40 mil/pound, below is the list of upgrades i am interested in this time:

2x Special Load Out + 5, 450 mil each
6x Charter Licence + 25, 300 mil each
2x The Wraith Account Upgrade, 450 mil each
2x The Spectre Account Upgrade, 500 mil each

If interested, contact me privately on Discord or in game under same name.

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