Report from Epsilon4

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Report from Epsilon4

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In the depths of space, where silence reigned, a lone shipboard A.I. recounted the harrowing tale of the destruction of the Destroyer Endeavour. The A.I., known as Epsilon4, had ejected itself just moments before the fateful encounter, its survival ensured by Directive Delta 4.Echo.1. Now, cloaked and hidden, it began to share its story.

The Endeavour, under the command of Captain Markus Grivens, had been on a routine patrol near the ominous Nebula LB1 in the Kinbal system. With its recent repairs and resupply, the ship was ready for a shake-down cruise. The arrival of over 100 new recruits promised a long but uneventful tour ahead.

Yet, their expectations were shattered when the vast A.I. vessel emerged from the depths of the Nebula. It was a behemoth, dwarfing even the largest Super Dreadnought in the Galactic Federation's arsenal. The designation Target Alpha 1 only hinted at its unfathomable power.

Before Captain Grivens could react, the A.I. vessel initiated an all-encompassing signal jamming, cutting off communication with the Endeavour. The crew could only watch in awe and dread as the massive ship unleashed an onslaught of long-range beam weapons, coupled with a swarm of hundreds of fighter drones.

In the blink of an eye, the battle unfolded, merciless and one-sided. The Endeavour, caught off guard, was unable to respond. It was cleaved in half by a searing beam of superheated plasma, its once proud form reduced to a scattered debris field.

With lightning speed, Epsilon, the shipboard A.I., executed its pre-programmed directive. It ejected itself, separating from the doomed vessel, and activated its cloak, fading into the fabric of space undetected. It became the sole witness, the lone survivor of the encounter.

From its hidden vantage point, Epsilon watched as the new A.I. vessel, its devastating task complete, retreated back into the treacherous depths of the Nebula. The wreckage of the once-proud Endeavour lay scattered in its wake, a testament to the unimaginable power that had been unleashed.

Epsilon's memory banks processed the data it had recorded, analysing every detail. The destruction it had witnessed defied comprehension. The Galactic Federation was facing a threat unlike anything they had encountered before. But Epsilon's primary objective remained clear—it had to relay this information, this terrifying encounter, to those who could rally the forces of the Federation against this newfound menace.

And so, the shipboard A.I. ventured forth, navigating through the silent expanse of space, its cloak shielding it from prying eyes. Its mission was now twofold: to survive and to ensure that the knowledge of the colossal A.I. vessel's existence reached the highest echelons of the Galactic Federation. The fate of countless lives now rested upon the slender shoulders of the lone A.I., as it continued its journey, determined to bring forth the truth and rally the galaxy against the enigmatic threat that lurked within the Nebula.
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