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Aegis Corporation

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Many companies were created in the Sphere, or changed so much from the founding company as to be unrecognizable from their Core base.

The Aegis Corporation began as a military and corporate supplier of products. This changed several years ago as open conflict between the factions slowly died out and they needed a new outlet for their products.

Aegis began selling versions of their products to individual captains and it was an instant hit.

The targeting modules helped captains in the constant battle against pirates as the burden of clean-up and protection shifted from the military.

The JDN - Jump Drive Navigator was an instant hit as it allowed Captains to tie their manifest into their navigation system so they didn’t accidently hop over a system that they had a delivery for, while by-passing those they didn’t have a delivery for.

For combat inclined Captains their line of Nano Repair Constructors and the TW NRC, which added shield repair to their capabilities was a highly coveted product.

To be true there are a number of other companies that create similar items, but the availability of the Aegis product line to lower level Captains at a reasonable price makes it a very successful business.
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