Certifications for Return to the Core

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Certifications for Return to the Core

Post by Korth »

I was chatting with another player reference the recent Dev-Log : Progress - New Buildings ...."All of these will build new items for Starbase to process in to Large sections of Battleship components. This in turn will allow for the building of player owned Battleship". The question of whether Certs will be used, as in giving purpose to some of the existing but not functional Certs

I think this might be a good reward for those who doggedly pursued Training of Certs.
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Re: Certifications for Return to the Core

Post by Coops »

/me watches..
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Re: Certifications for Return to the Core

Post by Yogan »

fyi I am the other player Korth is referencing, I have bought all but 5 of the non expanse Certs and only have 8 left that I bought that just needs the level 6 stage to complete training of the 56 I bought hoping that someday my perseverance would pay off.
If its at all possible, having them put to use would be nice.
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Re: Certifications for Return to the Core

Post by mropso »

No quite on topic but as well as using certs, integrating a use for the "ship's crew" idea would be good.

Not only do you have to build the battleship but you need a trained crew. Training could begin before the battleship mods came out so that captains could prepare.
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Re: Certifications for Return to the Core

Post by Elkhorn »

Certificates should definitely have an effect based on 1) Whether you have them or not and 2) their current level.
Also Crew is another interesting idea. Perhaps a new crew agency where you purchase level 1 crew and train them up. Probably using time per level similar to certificates.
Training could continue, even after they become crewed to a vessel where book learning would be replaced by practical application. (i.e. the wouldn't "go away" to train.
Without crew the ship could still function (AI controlled) but at a penalty. Crew would give bonuses based on level of training.

Officers (Higher Cost, Higher training level (at least level 10?):

Command (Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Political Officer)
Navigation (Helm, Star Charts)
Engineering (Engines, Power Distribution, Repair)
Weapons (Gunnery, Torpedoes, Tactical)
Defense (Shields, Countermeasures, Computer)
Moral (Habitat Controls, Cooks, Entertainment)

Crew (Number of each depending on size/class of vessel)
Computer (AI Hack prevention, Ships AI)
Power Distribution
Habitat control (air, water, etc)

Something along those lines

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Re: Certifications for Return to the Core

Post by Porrima »

Hi Coops --
Would it be possible to get an alert via PM when certificate training is complete? One tends to forget about them due to the length of time it takes to complete the higher levels.
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