Coalition Research Project Update

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Coalition Research Project Update

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Rocco Kerovetz has been in charge of procurement for the division of the Coalition Research Project in the Expanse. He has been in residence at Coalition 1 in the Yam system for a few years now. Up till now, the Coalition Research Project has been only offering Galactic Federation XP along with a small IP stipend when each section was complete.

It's been a while now since the last section was completed and captains awarded their IP stipend, and as such the Coalition Research Project has decided to change tact in the hope of garnering more support. They have partnered with the Naristro Business and Logistics Committee (N.B.L.C) and will now be offering Galactic Federation XP along with a sizable payment in Talas for the required resources and commodities.

Rocco now has a rebranded and complete requirement list that should keep captains in Talas should then wish to impart with their Alien resources and commodities. There is also the 'feel good' feeling you get when knowing you are helping the Coalition Research Project to further its understanding of Alien technologies.

I'm sure the ISN networks will pick up on this story and run their own line of thought...

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