Cargo / Passenger Office New View

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Cargo / Passenger Office New View

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This was sent to me from Blackbeard, who thoroughly tested the new interface before we took further steps to integrate it in to the game.
Here is a quick screen reader guide for the new Haulage office look. We will use the JAWS commands, because even if you aren’t using it, that set is generally the same in other screen readers.

Haulage jobs are now presented in a nice handy table. Gone are the days of the constant regen to find the right job. The table is both sortable and filterable, making life easy, and these filters stay in place even if you leave the office and come back.

You can jump to the table of jobs by pressing “T” to move to the table. The first row is the column titles, e.g. destination, system, galaxy etc.

The easiest way to move around a table is with table navigation, which is to hold ctrl + alt while using your arrow keys. The big advantage of this is it will read column titles as you move (horizontally), or row titles (vertically).

Pressing enter on any of these column titles will alternate between sorting in descending or ascending order.

The second row is the filter boxes. These are simple edit boxes, where you type your filter parameter. These boxes are not labelled, but whichever way you navigate them, either entering forms mode and tabbing, or using table navigation, it will announce what the filter box is for.

You can type part of a filter term and it will still filter on what you have entered, e.g. no need to type furnace where simply entering fur will suffice.

For numeric fields, you can use less than, greater than to filter ranges, e.g. <30, >30.

As you move down a column, pressing “B”, will jump to the job acceptance button for that row, and you can press enter to accept.

This will change focus to the job acceptance screen, but as previously stated, when you take the exit and return option, your filter will remain in place for you to find the next job.

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