G-CDC declare state of emergency!

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G-CDC declare state of emergency!

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It appears the Jarrat C variant C virus has spread beyond the control boundaries and quarantine zones set up by the G-CDC. Cases have been reported in all the Galaxies baring the Expanse at this time. It is now thought that some 17,000 captains have become infected and the death toll is expected to continue rising.

Medical centers, hospitals and specialised cliniques have been overwhelmed with captains trying to see if they are infected or to try and see if there is a cure yet for this terrible and deadly virus.

Meanwhile the G-CDC has issued a statement that at this time the only response to this virus is to physically remove all implants and report to an Implant station office for a full neural sweep. It may be that by removing the neural sockets installed when the exiled Captains first arrived that the spread of the virus can be stemmed and perhaps stopped.

The Coalition and other main governing bodies are meeting to see if they can pass a law for this process to be made mandatory amongst Exile Captains.

Unfortunately there has already been several street mob killings where exiled Captains have been blamed for the spread of the virus and either spaced or beaten to death by angry rioters.

At this time we have reports of over a 1000 such killings and attempted segregation's of exiled captains. The governments have been slow to react on this as local police forces are stretched thin. It seems the Military may be called in to attempt to bring order to many of these locations but many governments are baulking at using military force at this time.

More on this Story as it breaks...

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