Change to the Deployment Execution Process?

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Change to the Deployment Execution Process?

Post by Porrima »

Hi Coops -

Has there been a change in the last month or so as to the way deployments are executed? The same loadouts I had used in the past are now showing a smaller percentage bonus, generating less sorties, and producing less results. Here is an example:

From today:
You recently deployed a Genesis Deployment Force to Klytaemnestra.
Your force consisted of a battle strength of 72 units totalling 600 Deployment Points.
Your forces were controlled by the Coalition Combat Commander (C.C.C). Your units managed to last 13 sorties in combat with the Enemy. During this time your deployment destroyed 750 enemy A.I units. You also managed to recover 14 A.I Code Fragments. These have been added to your account along with an A.I Coalition Faction reward of 13500 XP.
The bonus was 76%

A few weeks ago the same loadout had a bonus of 84%, lasted 27 sorties, produced 21 AI fragments, destroyed 1,760 units, and gained 31,680 faction points. This result had been fairly consistent going back in time.

It almost seems that the execution time has been cut in half or sped up twice as fast.
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Re: Change to the Deployment Execution Process?

Post by Coops »

Yes after repeated issues with the deployment system and no clear way to resolve it I added a max Cap.

I spent days and days looking at this one with hours and hours of dev testing. The easiest and most rock slid fix was a cap - so I implemented one.

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