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Persephone Springs to Life

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 11:32 pm
by Patience
As the last sorry looking colonist stepped out onto the surface of Persephone, the relief of the crew was obvious. Finally… :D

All that effort was worthwhile or so it seemed… cheapest plot in the 6 galaxies Ellie said .. darn space accountant nearly burst both of his hearts when she mentioned what a bargain it was! After all, what’s 26 million credits between friends huh? Luckily, we got one of them re-started … leastways they claimed it was lucky … I’m not so sure :?

Then the millions spent on those schematics for those strangely-shaped 5 rough-hewn settlement hubs and the months extracting weird and wonderful resources across the 5 galaxies to build them was over. Geez, it would have cost another 10 million or so if we had been mad enough to buy all them resources as well. That reduction transfer pod gizmo thingy was a life saver even if it took an age to track down those little bits of space debris needed to fit it together… rarer than Arcturan hen’s teeth they were :cry:

So, a few million more for a few ramshackle housing structures, generators and schooling was just a drop in the ocean. Bit of a shocker when those contractors wanted another few million to open a branch of the pan-galactic post office mind! What do they make stamps out of these days … gilded dodo ovaries!

So there we have it, somewhere north of 50 million credits for the whole shebang! Hope the grand-children of those colonists don’t mind the mortgage payments! You all have a good day now, especially as you now know just how many banks you need to rob if you are mad enough to try something similar …

You are all welcome to drop on by to wet the babies head so to speak :lol: From green shoots, something may grow. Here's hoping :roll:

Re: Persephone Springs to Life

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 9:47 am
by Patience
So we are two weeks or so in and much celebration amongst the colonists today :o

They have finally got enough energy to get everything working at once, after feverish research activity to capture sufficient of Equae’s solar streaming particles and to tap into the geothermal wellspring of the planet. Two separate research efforts completed – impressive :D

Typically, they then fell to arguing about what to do next – don’t you just love humanity :lol:

As long as they keep buying the merchandise who cares ;)

Re: Persephone Springs to Life

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 4:22 pm
by Patience
C + 3 Months

Well, a lot’s happened in the last 3 months. Colonist researchers finally chased down enough of those pesky SRPs to get us up to Settlement Level 3, with extra domes for all the extra colonists we needed. Slapped down some defences and a couple of weapons to scare off any pirates that might be lurking around too!

But sure as Persepherian gator eggs is eggs, those blasted pirates came visiting :evil: Thought we had it covered, first two attacks were sent running but the beggars found a back door and raided the treasury. Two attacks later they did it again – snuck in at night this time :evil: :evil: Cowardly colonists were getting ready to run out on me – no spine, morale dropping like a stone :shock: Something had to be done. So, we doubled the height of the defences and since then those pirates have been smashing their heads against a brick wall. Real shame :lol: So there you have it, should have doubled those defences sooner – lesson learned – thought you all might want to know!