Settlement Level 5 Information and Settlement Level 6 Requirements

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Settlement Level 5 Information and Settlement Level 6 Requirements

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It seems nobody has posted any thread regarding Settlements Level 5 and 6. I decided to create my own so that future players know what to expect upon reaching the said settlement levels.


These are some of the more important Settlement Contracts that open up upon reaching level 5:

Company Contract Cost Type Discount
Engineering Processing Station 6 : Months 500,000 Engineering N/A
Exile Foundry 6 : Months 300,000 Foundry N/A
Explorers League Transfer 3 : Months 5,000,000 E.L.T. Office N/A
Galactic Buyers Market 12 : Months 25,000,000 NPC N/A
Halo Certification 3 : Months 3,000,000 Certificate Store 10%
Mech Assembly Plant 3 : Months 5,300,000 Mech Assembly N/A
Research Academy 12 : Months 3,000,000 Research Academy N/A
Settlement Ship Yard 24 : Months 5,000,000 Ship Yard 5%
Terran Crew Store 12 : Months 1,500,000 Terran Resource Store N/A


I'll just paste the information found in the Research area of the settlement.

Once your Settlement reaches level 5 you can start to prepare for researching level 6. You can only increase your Settlement to Level 6 through this research method but there are also some other prerequisite checks as well.

Level Six is a major level for a settlement to reach and enables the settlement to specialise in one of three ways. Once you have enough SRP and have fulfilled all the prerequisites you will then be able to access level 6 and the following specialisations.

Ship Building / Star Base Building / Commercial & Industrial Centre


Level 6 Prerequisite Check List
SRP: 250,000
Tech Level Increase: Max
Tech Level: 12
Law Level Increase: Max
Law Level: 12
Commercial Contracts: Max
Max Commercial Contracts: 7
Settlement Base Generator: Max
Energy Output: 1,000,000+
Settlement Defence: Max
Settlement HP: 250,000
Staff Housing: 75+
SRP Increase Bonus: Max
Expansion Slots: Max ***
Morale: 100%
Offensives & Defensive: 1,500
Captain Level: 65+
Level 6 Specialisation License: 1
Settlement Level 5: Max

***To get this research option, you need a PM item called a Settlement Expansion Unit. Here is a description of the item from the CEDR:

Settlement Expansion Unit

Designed by Morray & Sons this is every Settlement Captains dream. From the moment a settlement is placed the one thing it needs is space. By the time you have your power, housing and the all important research added you have to start to make hard choices when selecting to add new items.

The Settlement Expansion Unit is designed to resolve this issue allowing the lucky owner of such a unit to expand their settlement by another 5 Slots. Of course as with most things 'settlement based' it does have a catch. Whilst the system is fully automated and even deployed and set up automatically, opening up the slots for 'buildings' requires research for each slot starting at 75K for the initial slot.

None the less, the extra space and room to once again 'choose freely' your next settlement add-on is well worth the cost and SRP investment. To fit the unit you must have it in your ships stores when visiting your settlement overview. At that stage you will be asked if you wish to assemble the unit. You may choose to defer to a later time if you so choose. Rember you can only fit one Expansion to a settlement in its life time.

Requirements : Settlement Level 5 or above - no exisiting Expansion.
Note: Further research required to unlock new slots.

Take note that the first level of research of Expansion Slots requires a whopping 75,000 SRP for level 1.
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