Level 6 Settlements

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Level 6 Settlements

Post by Dragon »

Is there a guide for level 6 settlements? I would like an ORSA but cannot find anything on that topic.
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Re: Level 6 Settlements

Post by MarcSp »

I don't remember if there was a guide as such, thats going back 3 years at least.
I think if you were at level 5, there was a button in the bottom settlement bar (red star maybe?) that gave you
a checklist of everything you needed to be able to move to level 6. You also needed a license from that gal in SanFerran Descartes,
which was NOT cheap. I think there was a large research/SRP requirement also.
Also top of the line offensive/defensive/ground stats, major shield, 3x research/housing/reactors/etc, sett bunker too.
All of this is NOT cheap - figure on spending a minimum of 2 billion to get there.

Once you move to level 6, you can then choose your specialization, one of three:
starship manufacturing, starbase manufacturing, or commercial/industrial specialization.
For the first two, you buy the appropriate building from that same gal in Descartes. Not cheap, 500 mil apiece I think.
For the comm/ind choice, the buildings are cheaper and you research them into higher levels.
If you mean, you want to have your own ORSA site on your sett, then you want the comm/ind specialization.
Note the choice is not reversible, so choose very carefully.
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Re: Level 6 Settlements

Post by Sukayo »

ORSA is commercial, i guess it is somewhere in the specializations written, or was it in the old wiki?
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Re: Level 6 Settlements

Post by Coops »

The ORSA Settlement Franchise is a level Six specialisation building. By that I mean you have to select the correct Specialisation when levelling your settlement to level Six. Best to Visit Ellie Durant on San Ferran in Descarte. She has a section titled Level 6 Specialisation Buildings.

From there you can see that the ORSA Franchise requires a 'Commercial & Industrial' spec.

Once deployed you can then research extra slots / spawn spaces on your very own Settlement ORSA spot. If memory is correct once deployed it cannot be removed. The current cost of an ORA Franchise building from the game is 250 Million credits.

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