Level Seven Defences

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Level Seven Defences

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This post relates to Level SEVEN Settlements removing Offense, Defense, Ground Support or Shield Defences.

Once you have attained level seven you will have reached a level of 'Defensive Posture' for your settlement that is an agreed level by the Coalition and Gal-Fed Securities forces. This level of Defensive Posture is mandatory.

You are in violation of SETTLEMENT CONVENTION 7 Subsection 4 if you lower your Settlements Offense, Defense, Ground Support or Max shield rating below that required to level to Seven.

Settlements found in Violation at Midnight Game Time on any given day will be fined an automatic DAILY 250,000 Credits from the Settlements own finance source.

Of course settlement owners may remove items to replace with higher rated / same stats, but by the stroke of Midnight the settlement needs t be at Full defensive status as per the leveling agreement to level seven.
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