New Warning on Settlements

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New Warning on Settlements

Post by Coops » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:48 am

This morning I added a new replacement Header bar if you dock at a settlement that is in control of the 'Official Receiver'. When a player leaves or a player allows their settlement to drop below -25% morale the settlement is turned over to them for dismantling.

Up till now the 'visiting' players only real chance of spotting this was to 'note' the morale dropping. Now they will see a new bar Warning them the settlement is in control of the Official Receiver, plus the current morale.

I added this as we had Five Settlements go over to the dark side this morning after maintenance. Some of them have been here a very long time, but their owners have now left us (365 days total inactivity).

It's not a gloomy picture though, in fact just the opposite we have a healthy strong 251 Settlements active and the numbers of those leaving simply make room for more 'live and active' settlements.

This post is JUST a heads up about this addition.


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