TBH - The Bortherhood

A place for Guilds to Advertise, recruit, or for you to ask them questions before joining. Check out the competition and choose wisely!
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TBH - The Bortherhood

Post by Sukayo » Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:00 am

Are you new here - when it is so, than TBH is short our guild for possible soon to come guild assets in the game.

Do you look for experience in combat, mining, passengers or crafting? Here is more to find, like survey, explore, CQC, salvage - and like in most other guilds you will find answers also inside TBH - but we do not want to spoil your fun with providing spoilers too early. Keeping track of all the NPC missions, profitable trade runs, where a shop has the best price and more is part of the game, and for some of us brings it the fun.

So in a nutshell - you are free to do whatever you like, only will have sometimes a better source for information digging in the guild forum, or asking the officers.

Cpt SUkayo

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