Guild TAG - Guild Officers Please Read

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Guild TAG - Guild Officers Please Read

Post by Coops » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:44 pm

I have added a Guild Tag to all guilds. This is a THREE LETTER TAG for YOUR Guild. At this time I have manually created one for each guild based on a rough idea of what that may be for each guild. These TAG's will be used for various items in-game later. The first being Starbases.

Your Tag has been assigned and can be viewed FROM EITHER Guild Office or your Captains Bio under the Guild Section.

1: These are updated by ME (Coops) due to overlap and moderation.
2: Should a Guild wish to have their TAG changed please come to an agreement with your Guild and then nominate a Guild Office (or owner) to contact me (in Game) with the new requested TAG. (Three letters only).

NOTE: Once a starbase is deployed on behalf of a Guild, the TAG is set and cannot be changed.

This is just an identifying TAG and has no more meaning than simply identifying an item quickly based on its TAG.


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