Children of the Core

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Children of the Core

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Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since this has been updated and where,sadly, we've lost a few members due to health and/or other real life situations, we are looking for players who are looking to join a guild

We are a small, yet dedicated group of friends who created this Guild in memory of a fellow captain, who passed away. We created this Guild to have fun, as well as, to help new players learn the joys of CE.
We work as a team, yet do not pressure anyone to donate credits and/or resources. We use Skype to communicate daily, but is not mandatory to join.
If you are looking for a no pressure Guild, want to have fun and truly want to learn the game, then contact Marcus, Zaniah, or Oryuken and we will get you started. We help new players with equipment, starting credits and most importantly, help with learning the game. It is our goal to help you love this game as much as we do.

Thanks and enjoy the game.

Co-founder of CoC

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Re: Children of the Core

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I'm the newest member of Children of the Core and can say that everyone is so nice, helpful, and friendly! Come join us, it has made my adventures in this game a lot more fun having a great group of people to play with.

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