Creed's Crafting Emporium

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Lord Castellan Creed
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Creed's Crafting Emporium

Post by Lord Castellan Creed » Mon May 21, 2018 9:54 pm

* No Ribus Verminicus in over four days. *

I'm proud to once again announce that Creed's Crafting Emporium is now fully open for business.

** Prices **

I'm currently in the process of creating a full list of prices for items. In the mean time, please get in touch by PM. I promise my prices are always reasonable.

** Loyalty Scheme **

The loyalty scheme is back. The more you spend, the more points you earn. These points can be exchanged for goods and discounts at later dates.

You can earn points the following way:

1 point per 250,000 credits spent on Crafted goods.
2 points per 250,000 credits spent on Engineered goods.
2 points per 250,000 credits spent at any of my Emporiums.

I'll be backdating points to the beginning of May to keep things fair. Points are awarded on payment of orders. If you pay up front, then points will be awarded immediately, if you pay on delivery then points will be awarded once the item is collected.

** May / June Prize Draw **

For every point gained in May / June, you'll gain an entry into the prize draw. On Sunday 01 July 2018, a winner will be randomly drawn for each of the following prizes:

1st Prize - Exile Support Token (E.S.T) - June
2nd Prize - £5 CE GIft Voucher
3rd Prize - 10,000,000 credits to spend on Crafting or Engineering goods.
5x Runners Up - A large Mech pack, allowing 10 mechs to be made.

As a special bonus, the player who purchases the most crafted, engineered or Emporium goods in May / June will get a £5 voucher.

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