Looking for an ECO-UPV

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Looking for an ECO-UPV

Post by Rotor »

As the title says : looking to buy an ECO-UPV or the path to get one. I can find kits to repair them in the Emporium or the CE store but not the beast itself (maybe I'm not searching for the correct name)? . If the only solution is "crafting one", where could I find a schematic to buy? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Looking for an ECO-UPV

Post by pikolinianita »

schematics are in Wals ATV Designs store

btw, if you click in top left tab (game info) and choose "ce data repository" and click "Schematics" tab you'll see all schemes in game, with info about shop and required tech level.
Repair kits are craftable too.

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Re: Looking for an ECO-UPV

Post by oakshield »

Anybody out here who has one spare?

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