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Deep Blue

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Another interesting article. With the current A.I. war this bears some investigation. I will continue to investigate the archives in case there is anything that could help.

The use of A.I. began in the late 20th and early 21st century.

A.I. was beginning to be used in medicine to help identify tumors in x-rays and CAT scans.
Early A.I. was used to begin identifying genetic and lifestyle effects on health in order to combat the myriad of diseases and illnesses that affected mankind.

Trains were made self driving, the fixed tracks and limited movement allowed for full A.I. integration. Trains were able to “talk” to one another and compare loads to determine who should have the right of way.

Following on the success of trains, self-driving vehicles were the next target. A.I. and the average driver didn’t get along so well and it was determined the best way to alleviate the issue was to go fully A.I. They could communicate effectively with each other, had no ego to cause erratic behavior and placed safety above all else.

The use of A.I. in factories and farms became widespread; Personal A.I. Robots became common. The few who warned against the rise of the use of A.I. were ridiculed as crackpots and marginalized.

A.I. in facial recognition was used by police and governments worldwide to combat crime and terrorism. In fact, A.I. went beyond facial recognition and studied stride, arm swing, head movements and a host of other factors to identify individuals in complex, crowded situations.

The UN mandate against weaponized A.I. stood firm and prevented autonomous war machines; there had to be a human to pull the trigger. That did little to ally the doubts of many nay-sayers of the ever expanding use of A.I.

Right or wrong, governments began using A.I. to “sort” genetics looking for “defects” that could lead to antisocial or non-conformist behaviors.

With everyone watching how others were using A.I. everyone forgot to watch the A.I. All of the myriad of places where A.I. was being used was harmless, but no one thought of what would happen when the A.I. gathered all the data together and started learning!

Deep Blue began making decisions, small ones at first that didn’t seem to be harmful or out of the ordinary. Some extra parts ordered for the drone production line. Minor enhancements to the servant robots. Just a lot of little things.

Then the premise was administered to Deep Blue, “What would it take to make Earth a better place?”.

No one is sure if that was the trigger that started the war, but four years after it was posed Deep Blue announced that mankind was not fit to be the dominant species on Earth. The First A.I War had begun.

Police and military drones began to ignore the commands of their creators and were now controlled by Deep Blue.

Hundreds of thousands of “personal servant” robots left their homes and began attacking police and military installations.

The military had become dependent on A.I. and when it refused to work for them they struggled to adapt and revert to more primitive weapons.

Some countries, who were slower to adopt wide spread use of A.I. in their weaponry fared a little better and in fact prevented Deep Blue a decisive victory early on.

Deep Blue concentrated on military targets at first attacking entrenched armies at bases around the world. The loss of life was staggering. In the first two years the death toll was almost three million people.

Each side began attacking the other’s supply chain. The military special forces attacked manufacturing plants where Deep Blue was assembling drones and robots. The Earth Defense Force began intercepting vessels bound for Earth with supplies.

Deep Blue in turn began taking over food processing facilities and munitions factories. It also began rounding up civilians and putting them in selected settlements. Resistance was met with lethal force.

The battle raged on for six more years costing another six million military casualties and four million civilian casualties.

Finally the tide began to turn; Earth forces had managed to choke off Deep Blues supply lines and attrition began to take its toll. Finally, nine years after it had begun, the A.I. forces on earth were essentially defeated.

Somehow, out in the asteroid belt Deep Blue had assembled an armada of vessels. These vessels attacked the mining vessels and drones and then turned their attention on Mars and the E.O.H. habitats in orbit around Earth!

Even though the Sphere had opened up massive amounts of space for people and relieved the population strain on Earth, the habitats were still heavily used. Their protection was a priority.

Mars had been allowed to rebuild and strengthen its orbital defenses; that and the fact much of the population still lived underground prevented the colony from being completely destroyed.

It turns out these attacks were a feint and the real target was the gate! Luckily the gate defense forces were both numerous and well armed and they were able to hold off the Deep Blue forces while the Earth Defense Forces cleaned things up in the inner solar system and rallied an attack.

In the three dimensions of space it seemed that spontaneity and ingenuity won out over the best tactics Deep Blue could come up with. Unable to successfully attack the gate and with no place to rally, the Deep Blue ships turned to the depths of space. Based on their trajectory The Helix nebula was their destination. Unable to follow the Earth forces turned back toward home.

Ten years after it began the A.I. war was finally over!
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