Christmas Graffiti Returns!

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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Arnika »

My Ship Loadout has my ADV-1766 expander tagged with a snowman
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by OtherRick »

Coops, I'm not sure if this elf might be rebelling or what.

This grumpy-looking elf looks angry that I've already equipped my eggnogg oxygen. Spotted in my Personal Loadout section tagging my oxygen.
Grumpy would-be graffiti
Grumpy would-be graffiti
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Daemon »

I was checking my loadout while in my sett in Astraeus Sigma, Mostony, VP when I noticed decorations on my equipment:

socks on my weapon, 2 system slots and 1 reactor
a Christmas tree on 1 system slot
snowmen on my 1 reactor, expander and engine
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by moshe »

My whole ship load-out. Socks, tree and snowmens.

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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Sunflowers »

Some of my settlement slots have been tagged: Gleso Settlement Package, two DCM units (gas and ores), settlement farming unit (flora), Settlement farm (small), Settlement hospital (small). Also the header for my sett promenade.
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Pterrodaxo »

Some elf apparently had arts and crafts classes in my ship loadout on Germantova and has drawn stockings on my weapon and target scanners as well as my engine and one reactor, placed a Christmas tree for my nanorepair device to decorate and snuck another next to my Wraith reactor, and slapped an image of Santa on my shield. The little bugger even snuck a stocking onto my cargo expander.
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by alumoi »

All items in my ship loadout are tagged. I'm at Trade Hub 17 in Magellan.
Please, pretty please, remove the graffiti from my weapone, it's messing up the targeting system. Damned elves!
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Coops »

All current disclosures of Tagger activity have been noted and rewards issued up to this Dev Post.

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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by MadMaxxx »

My Predator scanners are covered with Elf Graffiti. Ship loadout that i was checking while docked at San Gallen in Sphere.
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Danik »

At first I thought Daisy the Snarg had been throwing her food about again. Honestly, ribblez fur just gets everywhere! But no, unless ribblez now wear xmas stockings, it was some pesky elfish Banksy-type despoiling my load out bay.. I have but one thing to say : leave the cargo expander alone! Go faster stocking stripes will not make it bigger!

Now, where was I.. oh yeah.. Palham.