Tell us what you Think [June - July]

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Tell us what you Think [June - July]

Post by Coops »

OK a nice easy competition to get you all posting this month.


1: Pop over to our News Portal Over here:
2: Make a comment (see below)
3: Make sure to add your captain name!
4: Return HERE and claim your reward

Comment Topic : I have had a slight change in the way I'm displaying the top 3 image posts. So we need a bunch of posts on THIS THREAD. Good or Bad let the visitors to Core-Exiles know what YOU think of the game. In return, you can return back here and claim the following:

You may if you wish post on other topics and threads, but it would be REALLY helpful if we can top up that specific thread :)

Reward is Simple - To celebrate the change in the Resource Token You get 1 X Exile Resource Token!

It's important that you read, digest and follow points 1 through 4. We will ignore/remove posts that don't follow the rules so as to keep the post system clean and easy for us to follow.

# Rules

1: Follow Points 1 to 3
2: One claim per Captain
3: No off-topic posting

Competition Closes

You have till the final chime of Midnight on the 31st of July before this one closes


P.S I have been asked in the past why we run these types of competitions. It's simple - it's not to inflate my ego or big up anything that 'I' do here it's to let 'potential players visiting the CE domain know what they can expect. Not only a deep Sci-fi browser games but a community that cares enough to actually keep posting about it! - So do your part and I'll keep doing mine :)
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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Daemon »

I've previously commented on the "What is Core-Exiles" thread so I decided to comment on another one. Left comment under C.R.T TOKEN SERVICE ALL YEAR ROUND. Thanks Coops.
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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Sukayo »

August 5, 2012 at 6:05 am is my original comment to this thread, so keep it as it is still valid.

left a comment under Boris Sven – Changes.
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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by siddharth »

I had commented on the post u asked or given link .

Thanking u once again .
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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Fitzbacon »


Thank you


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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Halmir »

I posted my comment under Boris Sven Changes thread, even though it was about the Syphon being so good. I blame just waking up and my brain just having rebooted.

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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Bethany »

Captain Bethany
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June 3, 2020 at 4:44 pm

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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Korth »

Commented on the WHAT IS CORE-EXILES ? Thread
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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by Korthen »

Made a comment on the linked thread
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Re: Tell us what you Think [June]

Post by DrRelic »

Howdy Coops! I commented on the thread you asked for even though I had posted to it before. I went ahead and made more of an updated post since the first post was more about me as a new player and this post is more me as a novice with some experience under my belt!

You rock dude! Thanks!!
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