Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

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Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Coops »

OK, I know many of you have been holding on to one of each Egg this time round waiting for THIS post :) Well I don't like to disappoint lol...

But please make sure you READ the brief before taking part.

This saves both you and me time in the long run :)

Egg Hand Out
Earlier in the week I activated the Easter Festive Handout. This monitors players progress (night and day). It then dips into the Festive Basket and awards you with Festive Eggs based on your activity since the last hand out was drawn. The more you play the more you will win.

There are Nineteen Festive Eggs to collect. You have until Midnight on the 30th of April to complete the challenge below

Egg Hand-in
#1 Collect One of Each Egg (19 in total) and drop them off to 'Coops' at ANY location.
#2 Return TO THIS THREAD - Post below that you dropped off a Set of Eggs and WHERE.
#3 ONE SET PER CAPTAIN (Alts must post and drop off themselves)

Reward For Full Set
This year I'm keeping this one to a Prize Draw, a full set gets you entry to a VERY SPECIAL PRIZE DRAW on the 1st of May. This prize draw will be well worth the winners time and effort. Plus as a bonus everyone that takes part will receive a 5K Fuel ticket on me.

I will be drawing THREE winners from the entries and they will ALL get a the same Prize reward offer. So that's Three opportunities to win, plus 5K fuel for simply taking part.

Remember you need to collect all 19 eggs and hand them in (to me) at any location then RETURN HERE to state you dropped them off. This lets ME and everyone else know you dropped them off and are officially taking part.

Competition Closes

Competition Closes Midnight on the 30th.
Prize Draw 1st May

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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Daemon »

Dropped full set of 19 Easter Eggs in Astraeus Sigma, Taiani, Mostony, VP

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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by caliseer »

Dropped a complete set of 19 Easter Eggs at Erehwon , Angusti VP
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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Shadow »

Set of 19 eggs dropped at Jerusalem for you
Apr 13th 10.34pm

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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Mechwarrior »

Set of 19 dropped at Jerusalem VP for you mate

Apr 13th 10.50pm

now both toons have completed every event - back to the challenge

thanks yet again
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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Thomas101 »

I droped a set o0f easter egg on Welling in Fieron.
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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Halmir »

Dropped off a full set of 19 different Easter Eggs at Satoru in Darklight System

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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Sunflowers »

Full set dropped on San Gallen in Descarte
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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by storyman2k »

Set dropped off in Welling Fieron
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Re: Easter Egg Hunt [FULL SET]

Post by Fitzbacon »

Set dropped off
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