Easter Egg Hunt [Report to Win]

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Easter Egg Hunt [Report to Win]

Post by Coops »

This is a slightly different competition, but one that everyone can take part in. All I ask is that you READ the competition details fully and follow the rules therein.

Easter Egg Hunt
I have this morning seeded several thousand Easter eggs into the game. These can be located on promenades thought the entire Galaxy. Of course, you will need to keep a keen eye out for them. (VI / Blind: Please note the eggs are titled and alt image tagged.)

The Eggs will remain in game until either they are all located (and reported) or until the 30th of April.

A REPORTED sighting of an egg will get you an entry into a Prize Draw on the 1st of May. We will draw TWENTY winners at that time.

1: You only need to report ONE sighting in this thread, but it must have been your OWN sighting whilst playing.
2: You MUST report WHERE you spotted the EGG. SYSTEM & LOCATION
3: Keep your posts on topic

Competition Closes
The last Entry for this competition must be posted by Midnight (Game Time) on the 30th of April.

We will draw 20 random winners from those who take part and post their prizes on the 1st of May.


P.S Anyone who takes part and reports a missing Egg will be rewarded with 5,000 Fuel Ticket on the 1st May
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Daemon »

Found Easter Egg #3 in the promenade of Trade Hub 35 in Leninsk, Furnace
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Korthen »

Found Easter Egg #3 at Promenade of Current Location: Warehouse II • Current System: Jaster
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Korth »

Found Easter Egg #6 at Current Location: Sassion • Current System: Palham
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by BlackPanther »

Found Easter Egg #6 at Current Location: Triskelion • Current System: Ferra
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Shadow »

Jerusalem - Oengo VP
Apr 10th 11.23am
red/blue/yelloe striped egg
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Delandra »

Lorsolomon Pomenade • Current System: Canby GT: Apr 10th 11:31 am

Egg #2

sighted by Delandra
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Lutes »

Found Easter Egg #6 whilst docked at Vekor promenade in Banran, Expanse.
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Mechwarrior »

Sassion - Palham - Sphere
Apr 10th 12.31pm

egg no 7
red in colour - yellow stars
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Re: Easter Egg Huntv [Report to Win]

Post by Fitzbacon »

Descarte: Daphine: Sphere

Easter Egg 1 - multi colored stripes