Halloween Hunt 2019

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by samudra »

Pumpkin #1 spotted in promenade view
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Buck Rogers »

@Coops - okay thanks Coops. Will not post any more spotted Pumpkins!

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Hardway »


Someone's is throwing pumpkins at ships while they're jumping.

Edit, because the picture didn't work I'll describe it. The view from the ship at the Jump Gate at Farpoint 2, showing a pumpkin about to hit the ship.

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by smiler »

I saw a pumpkin No 4 in the promenade at Voash, Thraeg

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Geistware »

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Rhons »

While docked at Antares Dawn on Lus in Vosay of the Verec-Per, I had Pumpkin #19 make the exact same face I made considering getting my fifth Pod from the Rewards Collection Program after turning in over 2000 random items.

- Pumpkin 19
- Antares Dawn
- Vosay
- Verec-Per

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Darakhoranon »

Pumpkin #21 is causing several near collisions among the ships waiting at the jump gate in Lucifer/Anvil. Gal-Fed cruisers are already trying to herd it through the gate (supposedly so that it will be someone else's problem)...
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Jitel »

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by fatso »

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Starlight »

Pumpkin spotted at Tagons Torment in Mostony on the promenade.