Guess the SNARGS [June]

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Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by Coops »

Guess the TWO Values - Nearest one wins!

This competition relates around CE SNARG Pets. Love them or hate them, they are a great way to gather extra IP over time. Not to mention the endless amount of fun you and your SNARG can have :)

So the first Question : How many of them do you think there are at THIS PRECISE TIME bonded with Captains.
Second Follow up Question : What's the highest amount of TOTAL IP any of the pets has created THIS PRECISE TIME for its owner.


It's important that you read, digest and follow points 1 through 4. We will ignore / remove posts that don't follow the rules so as to keep the post system clean and easy for us to follow.

# Rules
1: One Entry per Captain
2: No off topic posting
3: Make your entry clear and easy to read.
4: Making more than one Entry will automatically disqualify the entrant.

For each correct answer the winner / winners will get 200 Pet Treats & 6 Months PA.

Competition Closes

You have till the final chime of Midnight on the 1st of July before this one closes

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by Korth »

1. 616 Snargs
2. 311,001 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by Gorkus »

1. 2048 total SNARGs
2. 325,000 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by falconner »

1. 450 snargs
2. 4000000 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by moshe »

1. 200 Snargs
2. 750,000 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by sylven »

1. 500 snargs,
2. 500000 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by Darakhoranon »

1. 1743 Snargs (+1 Walhabie) ;-)
2. 623,235 IP
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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by Lutes »

1. 268 Snargs
2. 297575 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by NBailey »

1. 385 SNARGS
2. 275000 IP

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Re: Guess the SNARGS [June]

Post by OConnor »

1. 716 Snargs
2. 711,001 IP

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