Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

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Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Coops »

This is a competition we run each year for Fun. For those of you new to the game let me explain. Each year a bunch of graffiti artists start tagging items all over CE with Christmas images. They can strike anywhere on the promenades or settlements.

The idea here is to report them to the authorities when you spot a tagged item.

We need to know the following :

The location you spotted it and what was tagged.

Simple huh ? (lets hope so) :)

# Rules
#1 One Entry per captain for the competition.
#2 You must report what you spotted and WHERE it was when you spotted it.
#3 Posts on topic ONLY Please - off topic posts will either be ignored or deleted.

Rewards 1 X Christmas Resource Token!!

Competition Time-line is till midnight on the 1st of January so you have lots of time. Over 200 locations in game have been tagged along wiht over 500 items, so you have plenty of time to spot and report.

Happy Christmas Folks.


P.S this year I've removed the duplicate report Rule. So just report what you see. Any Visually Impaired players or Blind players please contact myself or a member of staff for help with this competition.

The thread will be reviewed on a daily basis so give us time before jumping up and down asking where your prize is.

P.P.S VI / Blind players contact Coops or a staff member in for help taking part in this one.
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Lord Orion »

Saw a Graffiti of a christmas tree in my Docking Collar Small, in Caust (Angusti) :D
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Korth »

Prommenade Current Location: Sassion • Current System: Palham Merry Christmas sign with Santa Hat, also xmas lights
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by siddharth »

wesbic red fort xmass stic .

thanks coops :)k
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Hadron »

Galactic Federation Office tagged in San Gallen Descarte with a Christmas tree.
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Korthen »

Current Location: Work Centre • Current System: Jaster
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Telsa 5 Reactor with Blue Xmas gift and gold ribbon
also Tesla 6 reactor with small decorated xmas tree
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Yogan »

Wesbec tageed with a xmas hat on Daphine in Descarte.
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by samudra »

Saw in my Ship Special Slots, N.E.I Chronos Tagged
Current Location: Messor • Current System: Descarte

Many thanks :)
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Dvg125 »

Galactic Emporium tagged with a Santa, located at Kilfoyle/Palham.
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Re: Christmas Taggers Strike Again!

Post by Hodgins »

Saw a Graffiti ARK-10 • Current System: Xanta on promenade it was a Christmas Tree