Voice an Opinion and Win!

Check out the regular competitions section. We always have something on the go. Old hand or New Player, don't miss out on winning a prize!
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Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Coops »

OK a nice easy competition to get you all posting.


1: Pop over to our Landing Portal Over here : http://core-exiles.com
2: Make A post on any news story (see below)
3: Make sure to add your captain name
4: Return HERE and claim your reward

Post Topic:
The latest thread relates to the Current Coops Challenge but you can post on any topic of CE that interests you. Good or Bad let the visitors to Core-Exiles know what YOU think of the game. In return you can return back here and claim your Prize!.

It's important that you read, digest and follow points 1 through 4. We will ignore / remove posts that don't follow the rules so as to keep the post system clean and easy for us to follow.

# Rules

1: Follow Points 1 to 4
2: One claim per Captain
3: No off topic posting
4: You MUST come BACK here to claim your reward!

# Prize
I'm giving away a Christmas Resource Token!

Competition Closes

You have till the final chime of Midnight on the 1st of this December before this one closes

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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by samudra »

Post in here : http://core-exiles.com/galactic-emporiu ... ment-14358

Very very thank you :)

Captain samudra
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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by siddharth »

had posted in here .

http://core-exiles.com/coops-challenge- ... ment-14359

thanks for resource token :)
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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Korth »

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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Korthen »

Prince Pranav
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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Prince Pranav »

thanks for token and had posted comments here .

http://core-exiles.com/coops-challenge- ... ment-14362
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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Lord Orion »

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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Rapa2k »

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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by jaclarri »


posted : http://core-exiles.com/galactic-emporiu ... ment-14358

thank you for the token
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Re: Voice an Opinion and Win!

Post by Typhon Grey »


http://core-exiles.com/coops-challenge- ... ment-14367

Thanks again Coops for all you do.

Typhon Grey