Halloween Hunt 2016

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Navile »

promenade at Loop the Loop, Kelnbur, Angusti, Verec-Per, a scary little pumpkin1, eyes shaped like ? and mouth in an o

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Stringer »

Spotted Pumpkin14 on Honiru, Tornsul, while delivering an Ashar load.

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by 1 Cor 134 »

I saw a pumpkin at the Wesbec Hauling in Shipwreck Island in Desecrate

I think I also saw 1 at the GBM on Shipwreck Island in Descrate
and the promenade.

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Hodgins »

Spotted at Current Location: Furnace • Current System: Drid,
Starbase 77

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Jantu »

Pumpkin14 spotted at Kelsey/Cinq Port promenade

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Squirt »

Spotted Pumpkin #6 at: Current Location: Sassion • Current System: Palham during refinery check.

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by XPLODE »

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by LocutusBorg »

Place: Unimatrix 001/Lorat system
Pumpkin number: 8

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Lord Orion »

I found it!!

San Gallen (Descarte - Sphere).

I looks a little sad bellow the monitor on the passage wall.... Maybe because the man has his back turned, how can a pumpkin scare a man if he doesn't look at it !?

Ok, a pumpkin in SG is bound to be found, so suppose I'm not very original but still I suppose it counts :D

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2016

Post by Shinter »

Spotted a pumpkin on the promenade over at Turroth in Vosay, Verec-Per. It was outside my corporation and was looking kind of melted - one of my ship captains might have been a bit overzealous... o.O