Name the Campaign Stages

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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by siddharth »

rescue Descarte
Defend Red Fort
Project Swamp
Battle Amun
Sector Zero
Defend Refinary
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by blueblue »

I'll stick to the classics:

Fernandos Commandos
Battle of Knowmeu [a][a-h]
Super Trouper
The Andante Ridge
Nocturne Garden
The River Unbroken
The Battle of Jolene IV
Quando Quando
The last waltz

Fall of Night
Beyond Magellans Eye
Return to Chanur
Stardancers of Noyo
Battle of Erewhon
Erewhon Exodus
Rainbow Ark
Attack of The Nightwings
Specters of the Spin-Sphere
The Universe Makers

Thanks to Dolly, Abba, Engelbert, past Euro vision song contest winners and Wiki for the inspiration.....
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Dr John Smith »

Acquiring Instructions
Assembling Infantry (ground)
Assembling Invasion teams (space)

the theme is using the AI initials :) (if anyone has any more ideas)
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by samudra »

Ground Stage

1. 3 am
2. Sunrise
3. Ground meat
4. Hard work
5. Extra lunch
6. 3.15 pm
7. Dark is matter
8. Hanging up
9. Date the AI
10. Nightmare

The Sanguine Prairie
The Ever Reaching Savanna
The Arctic Emptyness
The Boiling Steppes
The Haunted Wasteland
Silent Wilderness
Sad Borderlands
Barren Wasteland
Painful Wasteland
Infernal Expanse

Space Stage

The Harbinger
The Hellion
The Hornet
The Battlewolf
The Mammoth
The Bloodlord
The Divine Favor
The Gargantuan
The Catastrophe
The Dragon Visage

Nemo Odysseus
Carina Zephyrus
Aristaeus Galaxy
Hemithea Star System
Feather Nebula
Turtle Shell Cloud
Cat's Ear Galaxy
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Locknload »

AI Eradication
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Sparky »

Ok Coops here goes:

Across the water
Over the Raven Rock Mountains
Dig for cover
Race over the Plasmacite
Bridge over the river Plasteel
Dodging Tungsten
Steel Hills and Traylon Valleys
Rocking around the missiles
Battle for Fuel Fortress
Fighting for Farg-on Oil

Seeing stars
Plunder the Planets
Warped encounters
Black holes for heros
Vengence Nebula
Badtimes in VP
Worse times in Anvil
Smashing AI in Sphere
Kille AI
Thrusting to Victory
Fighting for Glory
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Robotix »

One Zero One and Done
Bait 'ON' & Switch 'OFF'
EMP Gravity Well
Robotic Ring of Fire
Drone in a Blanket
Solar Slingshot Ambush
Nebula Neutralizer
AI Waterboard
Viral Saltlick
Circuit Breaker Breaker 1-9
Electronic Lobotomy
High Voltage Merry-Go-Round
Reach Exceeding Grasp
Stop, Drop, & Steamroll
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Oberon »

Space Campaigns:
Arclight Twilight
Banana Hammock Escalation
Battle of Atlantica
Kinbnal Offensive, or any system with AI nebula
Lock-n-Load Diplomacy
Ribblez Gambit
Talsamar Interdiction
Operation Champagne Supernova - sorry, I couldn't resist
Operation Singularity Subjugation
Operation Die AI, Die

Ground Campaigns:
Operation Hornless Unicorn
Operation Irate Quokka
Operation Unrelenting Sloth
Operation Scorched Terra
Operation Walking Stick
Tron Defense Initiative

Helter Skelter
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Slurmewerds »

Absolute Wrath
Artificial Daylight
Artificial Darkness
Blind Obedience
Blind Allegiance
Iron Horse
Courtesy Bomb
Escape Goat
Extreme Prejudice
Lost Planet
Final Authority
Flagship Fungus
Silent Inferno
Staff Infection (not Staph)
Universal Shame
Flaming Forge
Ribblez Revenge

If I copied anyone else's suggestions, I apologize. I didn't not read the posts before me
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Lutes »

Hopefully not already used as have only skim read the existing submissions. Can be used for either space or land.

Size Matters
Zarkin Frood
Papa Don't Beach (okay this is for land)
Final Countdown
Pinball Blizzard
An Eye For An AI
Stumped Again
Freedom Run
Tarred & Feathered
Burning Sky
Dawn Of The Dead
Nothing But Maggots
Gravity Well
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