Name the Campaign Stages

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Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Coops »

This is a Quick Fire Competition. Reason for it is I'm actively in the process of the final stages of the AI / Genesis War system. This will enable players to Deploy their G.P.D.S forces.

These Player 'Forces' will be deployed against A.I Nebula and A.I Ground forces. The A.I Coalition Command have been given the roll of controlling all deployed forces, utilising them best where the commanders on the ground and space see fit.

As such Command & Control has designated that each space and ground assault should take the form of 10 Campaign Stages.

Name the Campaign Stages

Your task is to name the stages, think back to all those military engagements you hear about so often these days and from our warlike past. Well we need 10 names for the Ground Campaign stages and 10 for the Space ones.

Sadly due to restrictions on space they can't be overly long so 'Operation Delta Force' is fine but 'The Dazzling Rexx Brigade of Visiting Sailors' is sadly just wrong on many counts oh yes and too long :)

So keep them short if possible and fun if you can.

1: You may only enter once. If you wish to edit your original post please do so.
2: You may add as many suggestions in your post as you like.
3: Keep posts on Topic.
4: You can enter 1 Campaign stage name or all 20 it's up to you, the more you enter the more chance one of yours will get picked.

We will hand pick the best entries, so you don't have to do all 20. Just do what you can and we will pick the winners. Should we choose one or more of your suggestions you will receive the following :

2 X Month Premium Account Upgrade
1 X Festive Mech Bonus Pack
20 Festive Tokens (Sally Longstrom)
1 X CES Extractor of YOUR Choice.

Competition ends when I need the names! This WONT be long so hurry!

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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Shinter »

Going on the lines that usually operational names are at least in reference to something in mythology, etc that actually gives away what the mission is all about (brute force, stealth, etc), here’s what I’ve come up with:

Operation Juggernaut
Operation Hulk Smash
Operation Victory
Operation Razzmatazz <— For when Rexx is involved, of course ;-)
Operation Tuna Sandwich
Operation Firebird
Operation Mustang
Operation Goldilocks
Operation Atlantis
Operation Raven Claw
Operation Scimitar
Operation Aegis
Operation Priwen
Operation Achilles
Operation Mjolnir
Operation Thunderbolt

Ok, I guess that’s enough for now - give other people a chance too :-P
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Lord Orion »

Don't know if campaigns have different difficulty but I set the names thinking of increasing difficulty but they don't need to be so.


Nap time over
Red jello not yellow
Dog ate my homework
Get extra pudding
Night out
Prom date
Party is over
Pay the bills
Hard math: 1+1=3 or more
Its good to be the king


Robin exits the nest
Sparrow takeoff
First swallow marks spring
Blackbird daring escapade
Carrier pigeon
Cuckoo's infiltration
Hawk's dive
Eagle's eye
Albatross long voyage
Here be dragons

Also thought of the following one, not on any specific order: The penguin flight
Had trouble deciding if it would be a land or space campaing :D
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Gruntok »

Here go a few, they can be precfixed with Operation, or not.

Nebula swipe
Surface recovery
Ai Bash
Wrecker maker
Lust for Dust
Swarm pounder
Genesis Dawn

See ya!
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by pikolinianita »

All below, with optional "operation" or "Code Name:" before:

New Hope
Return of Rexx / Return of Mechs
Nebula Strikes Back
Attack of Drones
Revenge of Ribblez

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Nebula: into the Darkness
Nebula: Beyond

Operation: Thracium Mine
Bernoulli Manoeuvre
Gunny Gambit
Spiritus Movens
Naristro Lottery

Limes inferior
The Devil's Tail
Fables for Robots
The Cyberiad
From Sphere with Love
Sword of Destiny
Last Kiss
Something ends, Something begins
Baptism of Fire

In Search of Lost Harvester
Raiders of the Lost Harvester
Revenge of the Space Girls
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by The Wolf »

Battle of the river plates
Operation Dynamo
Operation Fortitude
The Battle of the Nebula
Operation Return to sender
Battle of Sector 001
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by aRJay »

Operation Generator
Operation Space Lion
Operation Underling
Operation Longbow
Operation Kitchen Garden
Operation Blueberry
Operation Chrysaor
Operation Barbagriggia
Operation Boxration
Operation Malamut
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Jager 602 »

Here's my ten-
Space operations:

Leading Edge
Jovian Guard

Ground Operations:

End Run
Field Goal
Hail Mary
Red Dog
Goal Keeper
Shoot Out
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by fjiekie »

The hunt on Red Rexx
Hunbaba's Slaughterhouse (still the most kill ratings by +200k)
Coops' Game
End Game
The AI Exodus (could be the start)
The march of the droids
The war within
Drop assault
AI's folly
The return of the Titans
The massacre of --insert starting location of the AI--
Operation DeadDroneship
The Final Stand
It has Begun
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Re: Name the Campaign Stages

Post by Porrima »


Reconnaissance in force
Search and Destroy
Advance to Contact
Close combat