Christmas Graffiti Returns!

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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Delandra »

Lights on my portrait and sled and tree in my settlement [Foundation/Fujimori/Trantor] .. Does this count?

Hmm. checking my ship I notice lots of christmas graffiti.. santas and socks on all my components.. :( got to clean it all up..

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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by deVega »

My Settlement buildings (BBVille/Polymus II/Iribis) look like they barely survived the Christmas paper/candy cane explosion. I've had to reschedule shifts, and bring in an abatement team. It's all fun and games until someone slips on a bow or ribbon, or chokes on a piece of candy and then Workman's Comp will be all over the worksite. We'll never make quota at this rate.

Merry HoHo..........deVega
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Re: Christmas Graffiti Returns!

Post by Coops »

This competition is now closed.
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