Starbase Operations

Starbases - A long time coming but the pinnacle of achievement for any Guild or Captain. Information as its released will be collated here in this section.
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Starbase Operations

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The starbase Operation screen has a myriad of stats for you to absorb and reflect on. This is a one glance overview at the day to day and progress of some key elements of your Starbase. It's by NO means the only pace you need to be looking, but it is a good place to keep an eye on certain key elements.

Listed below is my Dev take on these. Most will be padded out over time and some are yet to be fully reraised but the key topics and elements will be discussed here for you to know what each section relates too.

Energy Production: Nice simple one it's the Energy your Starbase produces. The total value of energy that your starbase can produce. This includes any energy values that were inherited from your Hub total input values. Of course, it will also take into account any extra energy units deployed and research to increase this over time.

Energy Demand: Another nice simple one, the value of all Starbase operations that are demanding energy. Starbases start with a basic value of 60,000 units to just keep the lights on and the doors opening and closing. Past that you will start to incur heaver energy requirements as you begin to stress the environmental and recycling. Add to that as you construct larger and larger buildings to add to your starbase.

Energy Surplus: OK I'm guessing that you have figured this one out, Energy Production, minus Energy Demand equals Energy Surplus.

Repair Efficiency: The Starbase is one very large complex machine. It requires constant repair and maintenance or things will break down eventually fail completely. This figure is given as a percentage of effectiveness. You should take steps to affect this and get it as close to 100% as possible. This will cut back on your daily running costs and also reduce downtime from damaged facilities.

Active Crew: Each starbase when deployed is issued a crew of 20. These are the deployment and Assembly crew. They will likely stay on at the starbase until its completed stage one and levelled. All Starbases come with a minimum crew quarters capable of catering to 50 crew. Crew for Starbases differs from settlements in that 'You' don't do the hiring, crew are hired for you based on requirements and crew quarter availability. As more crew are hired, on your behalf your daily running costs will rise in line.

Recent Visitors: In the early weeks visitors to your starbase will be mostly contractors and those nosey enough to peek onboard or simply 'gawkers' checking out the competition. As time goes on you can expect this to rise. It will fluctuate from moment to moment and will affect your Docking fees for that day. Docking fees won't come in to operation until the Dev (Me) activates daily running cost tickers. Bear in mind not all visitors will pay docking fees. Military visitors and contractors will be exempt.

Residential Quarters: A starbase is more than just a floating behemoth in space, its also eventually going to become 'Home' to thousands of workers and long term visitors. These folk will need residences (they will also pay taxes). At the point of deployment you have Zero civilian residences, something you may want to look into.

Quality Of Life: This is shown in the terms of a percentage. Simply put its based on a number of factors and will affect not only the crews morale and effectiveness but also the pull for visitors and long term residences. Initially this will be low due to the fact you have only the most basic systems in place, air, water, heating etc. Over time, you will add to this in a myriad of ways making the Quality Of Life on the starbase better and more alluring.

Starbase Contracts: An easy one to understand if you have ever owned / run a Settlement. When deployed your Starbase is given a lifetime contract with Commercial Store and the C.S.T.S. The main Promenade concourse is HUGE, but there are only 3 more office / shop fittings ready for filling, so you will need to have your work crews open more locations and give yourself more options for more promenade contracts.

Docking Fees: This one is an ongoing daily tally of the docking fees collected that day. Around midnight (Game Time) the system will tally all incomes and outgoings and the Starbase will pay its bills. Any docking fees collected during the day will go towards this final end of day calculation.

Daily Trade Income: The starbase will eventually have a myriad of ways of making trade income. Initially this is zero. Build this one up and each night when the final tally is done your incomes from this will be taken into account.

Trade Efficiency: This one is expressed as a percentage and initially is zero as it has no Trade Facilities to base the efficiency against. Generally this is increased once it has trade elements to compare and also via research. This figure can also be affected by a low repair efficiency.

Tourism Rate: Again initially zero and again set as a percentage. The tourism rate will affect incoming tourism, both casual day to day and long term residents. This one should not be ignored if you wish to see your Starbase grow over time.

Starbase Bank: Hopefully I don't have to explain this past that it IS your starbase bank Balance.

Daily Running Costs: This is a value of your daily running costs, there is the initial value from your Hub deployment and anything that affects this like extra building deployments and facilities etc. This figure is used each day along with other figures to calculate your operating costs for that day and deducted from your Starbase Bank balance. (See: Starbase Finances)

Tax Rate: This is the tax rate that's applied to any transactions that are liable for Starbase Tax. Residents will be a major part of this income so again keeping them happy and getting more residents in will increase any income from your tax. We will add a Tax page later allowing you to increase or decrease your Starbases Tax rate. Currently, all Starbases will start at 6%.

Daily Property Income: Over time you will likely want to deploy many buildings and services that will gain you a passive and active income stream, hotels, hospitals, entertainment, nightclubs etc. Initially this will be zero.

Daily Tourism Income: Tourists will earn your settlement an income stream over time. This is closely linked to Tourism Rate and also the Quality of Life percentages. The more facilities and tourist engagement options the higher this income is likely to be, though location will also play a part. If your Starbase is in the back of beyond in a dog leg no one wants to visit in the first place... well you may find it harder to raise this.

Below the sections outlines above is a section that I have marked as 'Pending Release' Players will need time to get to grips with their Starbases, build some monumentally large buildings and also work out their outgoing streams in not only credits but also resources. Once players have a handle on this I will begin to add the finer issues that a starbase will need to deal with.

This post will be updated as time goes on, and more items are released and added to Starbases.
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