Starbase Finances

Starbases - A long time coming but the pinnacle of achievement for any Guild or Captain. Information as its released will be collated here in this section.
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Starbase Finances

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Please Read HERE for Starbase Funding Info

Read On for Starbase Finances

I thought even though its early days that I'd try to expand a little on starbase Finances and how they do and will work. First off a reminder that this is not by ANY means complete and most of this will get update as Starbases progress and Stage 3 is fully developed.

Across the top of your starbase you have your Stats Bar. This includes things that were initially created by your Hubs you chose when making the Deployment. One of these things is you 'Daily Running Costs'. the first thing I will point out is that this is NOT the final tally of your Starbase daily outgoings. It keeps a tally of your INITIAL deployment cost (which will never get any lower than that) plus any building deployment costs that have added to this daily figure.

By entering the Starbase Finances screen (through the starbase Operations Screen) you will be able to see a more details view of the FULL financial statement. This is a daily view and is likely to change as the day progresses. IE if you have visitors (NPC's) to your Starbase you will receive income, also things like taxes up to that point in the day from sales and other taxable incomes.

On the left column you can see Outgoings affecting your daily finical burden, on the Right incoming affects.

The Daily Running Costs is of course a major contributor towards the Total Daily Expenditure. But things like Maintenance costs, Repair overheads, Station Policing and of course Crew Overhead will add to this. Over time more and more items will be filled in on both the Outgoings and the Earnings.

Please Note: Crew Overhead is a figure arrived at due to the total number of crew your Starbase requires to operate. Unlike Settlements where your able to hire and fire yourself, Starbases have a higher flexibility and as long as sufficient crew housing is provided the Senior Command staff will see to it that sufficient crew are hired and also released when no longer needed. This creates as stated the 'Crew Overhead'.

At the bottom of the screen you can also see that both columns have a Total. Total Daily Expenditure and Total Daily Incoming. Come Midnight, your Starbase Management team will ensure the expenditure and Income are balanced and any outstanding funds paid.

PLEASE NOTE: Until we add actual real fund generating options and whilst in the early Stage 3 development I will NOT be running the Midnight ticker! This means you WILL NOT BE CHARGED! You will Also NOT Earn any finds either :)

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