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A place to discuss and post about Corporations & Mining Barges. Share your finds and discoveries or simply ask questions about the Corp & Barge process.
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Re: Mining Barges - Ore Group

Post by Achilleos »

Thanks Coops

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Re: Mining Barges - Ore Group

Post by Akkamaddi »

I just have to throw in a couple things. The ores found by the barge match ores found when mining. This means you cannot say "all Sphere fields are this and all VP fields are that". Most ores are found in regions of a galaxy, so Moolite is not found everywhere in Sphere.

Ayuterium is still found only in Zhushul.

There are some anomaly systems. For example, Psychlo is the only place where Foozite is found in The Forge, and I'm pretty sure it was in a single Anvil system.

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Re: Mining Barges - Ore Group

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Coops wrote:
Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:04 pm
At this time I can confirm that 22 is the final CURRENT level Range.

I assume that nothing changed here? ;)
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