Captains vs AI - Turning the Tide

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Captains vs AI - Turning the Tide

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Hello fellow spacefarers, Gabby Newsome here with The News You Can Use.

Today we have a very special guest, Admiral Chesty Medal, to give us a report on the ongoing war efforts against the A.I.

GN: Admiral, are the efforts of the private pilots really helping out that much?

ADM CM: Gabby, you have no idea! It’s not just the Captains on the front lines, I mean combat isn’t for everyone. Many younger Captains who don’t have a vessel capable of taking on A.I. ships are still contributing through Project Discovery, Project Icarus and the A.R.C. Project, not to mention the contributions of the Captains working with the Genesis Project.

GN: Admiral, it’s been 9 years since the first A.I. forces came through the nebula, many of our younger Captains and Settlement owners may not know about all these projects. Can you give our listeners an overview?

ADM CM: I would be happy too. Let’s talk about the Genesis project, it began creating planets for additional settlements. It was around that time the first inklings of the A.I. came to our attention. It was decided that, instead of creating settlements, the plots would become integral in providing resources and combat forces for the war effort. This is an ongoing effort. Resources are still being collected to create planets and plots are still being issued. The contribution of combat vessels to the war effort has been outstanding, but we can always use more. Every time you read a news ticker Captain so-and-so deployed a force 150, 200, 600 strong, that’s the personal sacrifice of a Captain's time and resources going toward the war effort.

Project Discovery is a privately funded research project to create drones capable of transiting the nebula. Then deploying those drones to map the network the AI are using and eventually create an FTL capable battleship to go to the Core. Captains can help by contributing resources or fitting a Discovery Pod, or both.

The A.R.C. project a privately funded group of like minded investors. They want to research and develop a deeper understanding of A.I. They work through the A.I. Galactic Research offices to collect A.I. items for study.

Project Icarus is devoted to forming a network transit method through the Nebula and eventually to the Sol system. This project is for the younger Captains who may not have enormous amounts of resources to contribute. There are G.B.M. contracts specifically for the Icarus Project and they are limited to Captains level 40 and below.

Captains can contribute to all of these projects without putting themselves in harms way and the Coalition appreciates every donation.

GN: What of the Captains on the front lines? Are they really that effective?

ADM CM: Gabby, let me tell you something, and I am speaking to every Captain out there! YOU are making a difference! With the politicians sitting on their hands with a “wait and see” attitude and some even hoping to negotiate with the A.I. you are the ones preventing the A.I. from progressing into the systems beyond the nebula.

You Captains, fighting against overwhelming odds, for a few credits bounty and some salvage are saving humanity!

Every one of you who contribute to the various projects are advancing our cause. You Captains, purchasing Starbases at extraordinary cost, with no guarantee of return, all of you, don’t lose hope! Don’t lose sight of the long term goal. With your help and the Cosmos willing, someday soon we will take this fight to the Core!

GN: Admiral, you mentioned Starbases, what is their role going to be?

ADM CM: I’m sorry Gabby, I may have said too much. No more questions.

GN: Admiral…

ADM CM: I said, no more questions. Please excuse me.

GN: And there you have it, Captains. You apparently are making a difference.

This is Gabby Newsome, signing off.
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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